HR Outsourcing


  • Employee Competency Assessment

At  ANDAVOY, we provide our clients with the most suitable talents they need to achieve their business objectives. We assist our clients in testing and assessing applicants for employment to determine the applicants’ suitability for the jobs they are hiring for. Our unique approach combines highly skilled recruiters, the latest technology, sophisticated processes and expertise to source market leading talents for our clients.

As a leading provider of Human Resource services, ANDAVOY recognizes that the calibre of people in an organization determines the level of the organizations competitive advantage. For this reason, our clients find in us a recruitment partner who understands their business objectives and builds a recruitment process which not only ensures high performance but also positions their brand as highly attractive.


  • Background Check Services

ANDAVOY is a specialist in the area of Verification Services and Background Checks. At ANDAVOY, we believe strongly that the importance of knowing who an organization is employing cannot be over emphasized. It is our opinion that over the years, the reputation of an organization is largely determined by the sum total of its employees’ credibility.

As a result, it is important for the organization to be certain of the character and background of all its employees. We offer professional ANDAVOY verification services which serve as a valuable source of information about a candidate’s past experiences, accomplishments and integrity.

Our verification processes are both effective and efficient, to ensure that our esteemed clients get the most valid and relevant information to better inform their hiring and retention decisions.

Our verification services cover the nooks and crannies of Nigeria and employs superior ways of investigating and running background checks on employees’ qualification, residential address, etc. we have built a strong partnership with various educational institutions which ensures accuracy of

·         Employee Outsourcing

As more organizations get to understand their core competence and business focus, transferring some inherent risk and reducing their overhead becomes a business necessity. At ANDAVOY, we provide competent employees to organizations to enable them achieve their customer expectations and fulfill their strategic objectives.

Our HR Outsourcing solution encompasses the provision, training, and deployment and management of employees with varying skill sets and experience to work on behalf of our clients. Our track record has endeared many organizations to us making us a force to reckon with in the employee outsourcing services.

Over the years, we have developed the capacity to provide outsourced staff in the following areas:

ü  Relationship Managers

ü  Customer Service Executives

ü  Direct Sales Agents

ü  Admin Executives

ü  Secretary

ü  Switchboard Operators/Contact Centre Consultants

ü  IT officer


ü  Lots more



·         Employee Competency Audit

In order to ensure better performance every organization must guarantee the relevance of the skills and capabilities of its employees. Essentially, competency audit helps organizations to know what skills and knowledge it requires and what skills and knowledge it currently has.

At ANDAVOY we assist clients to undertake competency audits by using well researched and proven statistical tools to measure, assess and record the skills and competencies of their employees. Our skills and competency audits enable our clients to identify the gaps between the skill required for superior performance and the existing capabilities of their employees. Our approach in undertaking competency audits includes - defining the parameters of the skills audit, researching and choosing methods for the skills audit, establishing benchmarks and tools required, planning to reduce bias from methods, conducting the skills audit and documenting the skills audit.

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